SmartStall™ Horse Stall Mattress

SmartStall, horse mattress system, stall mattress, horse stallThe SmartStall™ foam horse stall mattress system is the market’s softest and most durable stall system available to horses and their owners. Combining the comfort technology of memory foam and the durability of North-American-made industrial fabrics, SmartStall™ can help transform your horse’s stall into a comfortable, therapeutic, cost saving, easily maintained space that will have a refreshing and rejuvenating effort on your animal.


     Cut Your Bedding by 66%

  • Bedding and stall cleaning are some of most expensive and time consuming aspects of maintaining a barn. With the SmartStall™ horse stall mattress system bedding depth is reduced to 1-2 inches and is used exclusively for cleanliness. Many of our customers are reporting a 66% reduction in bedding and a 50% reduction in cleaningtime. Those are significant savings that can be invested in other parts of your barn or in your horses, and most importantly, more time can be spent interacting with your horse and actually riding!

   Therapeutic comfort

  • Many customers purchase the SmartStall™  horse mattress system to provide a softer surface for older, arthritic horses. The supportive surface helps to reduce inflammation and many horses end up with more mobility, energy, and youthfulness after being on the SmartStall™.
  • The therapeutic benefits of the SmartStall™ are not just limited to older horses, we see health improvements in almost every horse, young and old, that use the mattress system. Increased laying time leaves your horses rested and healthy.

 Hoof Health


  • Hoof health is one of the most overlooked issues in the health of horses.  SmartStall™ system provides a cleanable topcover that reduces the microbial levels in the stall. Less bacteria = healthier hooves = better performance
  • The SmartStall™ stall mattress system reduces shaving usage and helps owners keep the bedding drier and cleaner with reduced maintenance. Easier maintenance results in cleaner stalls and healthier horses.

Increased Performance


  • For horses that are training at high levels in dressage, jumping, racing, and reining, there is a lot of stress on joints, tendons, and muscles. Just like human athletes, horses need a good environment to recover and refresh. The SmartStall™ system is incredibly supportive without being unstable.
  • Our customers have seen the opposite effect where horses that recuperate on the SmartStall™, are better prepared for the next day and are less stiff after a night in the stall.

  Good for Mom and Foal

  • Many of our customers use the SmartStall™ mattress system in foaling stalls because the waterproof surface is easy to clean and sterilize with a mild bleach solution and is a soft, forgiving surface for the mare.
  • The SmartStall™ also has amazing traction so our customers find reduced fewer complications with mares slipping during birth if they try to stand. The foals love it too! A low-stress, high comfort environment allows the foal to focus on growth and development, and ultimately results in a healthier, more robust horse.

No More Heavy Horse Rubber Mats

  • The single piece waterproof topcover keeps urine from leaking underneath the mattresses and eliminates the need to lift up heavy mats to clean. The urine remains on the surface of the stall and is easily soaked up by the minimal bedding and removed from the stall.
  • By removing all the urine from the stall, air qualities in the stall and in the barn are drastically improved. No more ammonia smell in the barn, less cleaning, and no more picking up heavy rubber mats.

  Standard Sized, Wall-to-Wall Coverage

SmartStall™ stall horse mattress system come in the following  standard sizing

10′ x 12′ , 12′ x 12′ , 12′ x 14′, 12′ x 16′, 12’x 18, 12′ x 18′

For larger sizing, please call to inquire about your options.  One dimension of your stall must be 12′ or less.


Take a look at our Installation Guide Here!