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Parma Groomers®

In 2013, IGK Equestrian became a certified dealer for Parma Arena Groomers®. There are many other groomers on the market, but we chose to partner with Parma Arena Groomers® because of their high quality construction, affordable pricing, and specialization in synthetic footing groomers.

IGK Equestrian synthetic arena and track footings have revolutionized the equine world by providing a safer, higher performing, lower maintenance, and dust-free surface. Traditional sand arenas required constant grooming which create an environment filled with dust. IGK Equestrian horse arena footings TruStride™, LiteStride™, and Equi-Blend ™  remain permanently dust-free without watering and rarely need to be groomed. The highly stable TruStride™, LiteStride™, and Equi-Blend ™ arena products only require the top ½” to 1” to be maintained with a groomer.

The Coil Tine Groomers are specifically designed for less aggressive surface conditioning and shallow footing. The coil tines rake the surface with minimal surface area to limit pulling or dragging deep into the footing. The groomer is sized to the each individual arena and its needs.

Parma Groomers® come in 4 different mini models that consist of five, six, seven and eight feet widths. (AG513, AG615, AG719 & AG821M, respectively) After choosing the right width for your space, you then choose which conversion kit that you would like. The coil tines come as a 1/4” coil tine that is 9 inches long and 3 inches between tines.

If you already have a Parma Arena Groomer® you can contact us to purchase the conversion kit that would work best for your groomer and arena. Please give us a call and we can recommend the right kit for you!