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LiteStride™ Horse Arena Footing

LiteStride™, horse arena footing, dust free horse arena footing, dusty horse arena footingLiteStride™ Dust-Free Horse Arena Footing has been the more economical version of dust-free footing since 2003, and continues to offer horses and riders one of the best arena surfaces in the world for competing and training. LiteStride™  is being used for a wide variety of disciplines including Dressage and flat work, low-level Hunter/Jumper, therapeutic riding, and small training and clinic barns. This footing offers up-and-coming riders a chance to experience the benefits of a dust-free arena as well as excellent traction and stability, yet is ideal for budget-conscious barns.

What is LiteStride™ made of?

IGK Equestrian developed a synthetic waxed footing formula in 2003 and has kept the tradition of being the highest quality, most consistent product on the market.

  • Highest Quality Silica Sand
  • Specialized Wax Coating
  • Custom Blend of Short & Long Synthetic Fibers

Benefits of LiteStride™

      Industry leading stability and cushioning

      Increased Performance 

      Improved Health of Horse and Rider

      Superior Durability and Longevity

      100% Dust-Free Without Watering

      Little to No Maintenance

     All-Weather Arena Footing

      Tried and True Formula

Where can I use LiteStride™ arena footing?

  • Indoor Arenas
  • Outdoor Arenas


If you would like to see exactly how our footing is installed, visit our YouTube page for our Installation Video.