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PARMA Groomers are the Perfect Accessory

PARMA Arena groomerMaintenance can be one of the biggest hassles when it comes to taking care of a horse arena.  Some arenas have to be watered daily, or groomed daily, or raked daily, the list goes on and on.  Our dust-free arena footing, TruStride, LiteStride, or 5K Ranch, are all very low maintenance. In my opinion, that’s the best part about them! They do not have to be watered, ever, and are groomed very seldom. We’ve had customers who only groomed their arena once per year! We love to hear that kind of feedback from our customers.  However, grooming is going to be arena specific depending on how much traffic you have in your arena.

In 2013 IGK Equestrian became a certified dealer for PARMA Arena Groomers. There are many different groomers on the market but we choose to partner with PARMA Arena Groomers because of their high quality construction, affordable pricing, and specialization in synthetic groomers.  Every customer of ours that has purchased a groomer along with their footing, have been extremely happy with their purchase. The specific groomers that we recommend are Coil Tine groomers from PARMA. These groomers are specifically designed for less aggressive grooming. They groom only about an inch into the footing and don’t dig down too deep; therefore they do not pull the footing one way or another. Our footing only needs the top inch of the footing to be groomed, and PARMA Groomers do exactly that.

The mini models of PARMA Groomers come in five, six, seven and eight feet widths so that you can get a custom groomer to perfectly fit your arena. After choosing the correct width, you then would choose if you want your coil tines nine inches apart or three.

Maintenance with our dust-free synthetic footing is easy, but you can make it even easier with a PARMA Groomer.  Feel free to check out our installation video that shows exactly how our footing is installed and a small snippet of a PARMA Groomer in action.

What do you like about the groomer you currently have?