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Horse Owners Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

Graphic Via weather.com
Graphic Via weather.com

Hurricane Matthew is bringing huge amounts of rain and high winds to the South Eastern part of the United States. Millions of Americans have to evacuate their homes in advance of the storm hitting their area. While people are busy preparing for Hurricane Matthew, so are horse owners.

Horse owners around the country are offering their help to horses located in the affected zone. Transportation services are offering free rides to haul some horses further inland, while barns further from the coast are offering up their extra stalls to keep horses in. There are even established evacuation centers and databases to keep your horses in during the storm.

It’s easy to pack up your dog and cat and throw them in the car to evacuate, but a horse is a different story. It’s dangerous to keep a horse in the path of a major storm. Structures could crumble and fences could blow down. It is highly recommended that you move your horse and not leave them in the path of the storm.

Some tips are recommended for horses that could potentially become loose:

  • Braid a luggage tag or dog tag with the horse’s information as well as the owners contact number.
  • Write the owners name and phone number directly on the horse’s hooves with a permanent marker and then go over it with a clear nail polish. This will make the marker last long.
  • Write directly on the horse’s body with a permanent marker. Again, write the owners name and contact number. This will not hurt your horse in any way.

If you would like more information on disaster plans for your horses. This is a great resource!

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Matthew!