SuperStall™ Horse Stall Mattress

SuperStall™ Horse Stall Mattress

The SuperStall™ foam mattress system - softest and most durable stall system

The SuperStall™ foam horse stall mattress system is the market’s softest and most durable stall system available to horses and their owners. Combining the comfort technology of memory foam and the durability of North-American-made industrial fabrics, SuperStall™ can help transform your horse’s stall into a comfortable, therapeutic, cost saving, easily maintained space that will have a refreshing and rejuvenating effort on your animal.

Consistent Stable Comfort

In 2004, we developed a 100% recycled memory foam mattress that is specifically designed for use under horses and cows. After 10 years in the U.S. and even longer in Europe, we have tested the compaction of the foam and found less than a 1% compaction after a decade of use under these animals. This amazing fact exemplifies the superior quality of our foam and our confidence that the SuperStall™ memory foam is the softest, longest lasting equine comfort product on the market today.


The Alloy™ Premium Topcover is a 100% waterproof, PVC-impregnated woven fabric that will not tear or stretch; ready to withstand the potential wear of being under hoof day in and day out. From the largest Clydesdale to the smallest Shetland and every Warm Blood in between, the Alloy™ Topcover is there to provide traction to the horse and a waterproof barrier for the foam

Easy Cleaning = Cost Savings

Having a waterproof topcover means that all liquids (urine, water, etc.) and manure remains on top of the system, making it easier to remove with a minimal amount of bedding. Being able to remove all the urine means that you are also able to remove the ammonia smell from your stalls and your barn, and avoid respiratory problems for both you and horses. This type of system also drastically reduces the amount of bedding needed to keep your horse clean and comfortable. Bedding is now used only for cleanliness with the foam mattress providing the comfort and support. Our customers report reducing their bedding use by 66%! This not only adds up to a lot of savings in bedding, but even more so in labor and time mucking out stalls.  Our studies have shown SuperStall™  stall mattress system pays for itself within the first 18 months of us by making your barn a more efficient and easily maintained place.

Custom-sized, Wall-to-Wall Coverage

SuperStall™ stall horse mattress system is the market’s only fully customizable topcover allowing us to make any size mattress for any size stall. Do you have a foaling stall or perhaps a stud stall that is 15ft x 15ft? No problem Just give us your stall dimensions and we’ll do the rest of the work. There is no markup for odd-sized stalls!


Did we forget to mention that we put a 5-year, full warranty on all our products? Well, we do.

The SuperStall™ mattress system was designed to provide optimal comfort and support to a horse and be easy to maintain for the horse owner. Over the past 8 years, we’ve been amazed at the many benefits we’ve gotten feedback on.

Therapeutic comfort

  • Many customers purchase the SuperStall™  horse mattress system to provide a softer surface for older, arthritic horses. The supportive surface helps to reduce inflammation and many horses end up with more mobility, energy, and youthfulness after being on the SuperStall™.
  • The therapeutic benefits of the SuperStall™ are not just limited to older horses, we see health improvements in almost every horse, young and old, that use the mattress system. Increased laying time leaves your horses rested and healthy.

Hoof Health

  • Hoof health is one of the most overlooked issues in the health of horses.  SuperStall™ system provides a cleanable topcover that reduces the microbial levels in the stall. Less bacteria = healthier hooves = better performance
  • The SuperStall™ stall mattress system reduces shaving usage and helps owners keep the bedding drier and cleaner with reduced maintenance. Easier maintenance results in cleaner stalls and healthier horses.

Increased Performance

  • For horses that are training at high levels in dressage, jumping, racing, and reining, there is a lot of stress on joints, tendons, and muscles. Just like human athletes, horses need a good environment to recover and refresh. The SuperStall™ system is incredibly supportive without being unstable.
  • Our customers have seen the opposite effect where horses that recuperate on the SuperStall™, are better prepared for the next day and are less stiff after a night in the stall.

Good for Mom and Foal

  • Many of our customers use the SuperStall™ mattress system in foaling stalls because the waterproof surface is easy to clean and sterilize with a mild bleach solution and is a soft, forgiving surface for the mare.
  • The SuperStall™ also has amazing traction so our customers find reduced fewer complications with mares slipping during birth if they try to stand. The foals love it too! A low-stress, high comfort environment allows the foal to focus on growth and development, and ultimately results in a healthier, more robust horse.

Cut Your Bedding by 66%

  • Bedding and stall cleaning are some of most expensive and time consuming aspects of maintaining a barn. With the SuperStall™ horse stall mattress system bedding depth is reduced to 1-2 inches and is used exclusively for cleanliness. Many of our customers are reporting a 66% reduction in bedding and a 50% reduction in cleaning time. Those are significant savings that can be invested in other parts of your barn or in your horses, and most importantly, more time can be spent interacting with your horse and actually riding!

No More Heavy Horse Rubber Mats

  • The single piece waterproof topcover keeps urine from leaking underneath the mattresses and eliminates the need to lift up heavy mats to clean. The urine remains on the surface of the stall and is easily soaked up by the minimal bedding and removed from the stall.
  • By removing all the urine from the stall, air qualities in the stall and in the barn are drastically improved. No more ammonia smell in the barn, less cleaning, and no more picking up heavy rubber mats, all thanks to the Alloy™ Premium topcover!

Maintaining the SuperStall™ Mattress System will the easiest stall system you’ve ever maintained. As we’ve mentioned before, your bedding costs will be highly reduced. Only put enough bedding in the stall to soak up the urine. Stalls should be mucked out at least once a day just like any other stall floor, but because there is less bedding, you will reduce not only the bedding costs but also labor costs.

We suggest to only use plastic tools such as plastic pitchforks and plastic shovels. By doing this it will ensure that the horse mattress has the longest life possible and the top cover or seam will not be punctured in anyway.

Q: What happens to the urine and manure in the stall?

The manure and urine stays on top of the SuperStall™ cover. SuperStall™ mattress system is a very durable top cover that does not allow any liquid to seep through to the mattress. You can use less bedding in your stall, therefore saving on time and money. We recommend you only use enough bedding to soak up the urine, and to muck out your stall daily.

Q: Will the urine erode the top-cover?

NEVER! We have a very durable topcover that will not erode from anything sitting on top of the cover.

Q: What does a typical 12 x 12 stall cost?

Please give us a call to see how much your custom stall size will cost!

Q: What is the warranty for the SuperStall™ system?

The SuperStall™ system has a Five Year Limited Warranty on all products covering wear and tear caused by normal horse usage. We have a downloadable PDF of our full warranty details here

Q: How long will the SuperStall™ system last?

We originally started selling SuperStall™ systems in 2005, and those exact stalls are still going strong!

Q: What sort of cleaning products can I use on the SuperStall™ system?

Almost any cleaning products can be used on the SuperStall™ system. We have gotten feedback that customers love to use power-washers inside the stall to deeply clean it, then follow with a mild bleach to de-sanitize the stall.

• Five Year Limited Warranty on all products covering wear and tear caused by normal horse usage.

• One year full warranty on Horse Foam & Top Cover begins from date of sale to end user. Installation must be in accordance with approved North Brook Farms installation procedures. The warranty claim must include proof of sale.

• No labor warranty.

• Installations must use approved IGK Equestrian components and product with the proper installation in order to qualify for replacement.

• IGK Equestrian is not responsible for any components or attachment hardware not purchased from IGK Equestrian.

• All materials purchased from IGK Equestrian will be prorated for the warranty for the remainder of four years.

• IGK Equestrian reserves the right to repair or replace the warranted products.

• Replacement is limited to like-kind topcover and foam mat.

• IGK Equestrian is not responsible for consequential damages.

• Inner foam damage caused by failure to repair damaged topcover, in a timely manner, is not the responsibility of IGK Equestrian. Repair is at end users expense.

• Prior approval from IGK Equestrian on all warranties is required. Warranty is void if any work is performed prior to approval.

• Topcover purchased from IGK Equestrian must be installed over foam mat purchased from IGK Equestrian in order to qualify for the warranty. IGK Equestrian foam mat must be installed under IGK Equestrian topcover purchased from IGK Equestrian in order to qualify for the warranty.

• Full warranty information (IGK Equestrian Warranty Claim Form) must be submitted including all original invoices: Dealer—Customer invoice; fabric sample, pictures of damaged areas or other reasonable information that IGK Equestrian may deem necessary.

• The warranty is between IGK Equestrian and the original end user only.

• IGK Equestrian reserves the right to confirm, investigate, and inspect all warranty claims.

• Warranty freight costs are the responsibility of the end user and are not warranted.