Expensive Now, Worth It Over Time


When it comes to talking about footing, these conversations are cut short as soon as the individual hears the price of our products. After hearing the price, the conversation ends very quickly. We don’t get a chance to explain to the customer that yes, our footing is expensive, but it will save money in the long run and it is more than worth it.

Longevity: Our oldest arena is 13 years old and going strong! That is not seen with regular sand arenas. Traditional sand will need to be replenished often, while our footing has a long life ahead of it. If the cost and savings isn’t proven to be worth it over 13 years I’d be surprised!!

Maintenance: Time spent maintaining the arena is significantly reduced if time is money than that savings is worth it alone!! TruStride™ and LiteStride™ both have fiber in the footings, making them much more stable than traditional sand. The stability in the footing leads to less tracks when riding and much less time spent on grooming. In addition to the footing being more stable, it also is dust-free. Say goodbye to your long days watering your arena to fight dust; and say hello to more time spent riding in your arena!

Supplements: By providing a cushioning surface to work your horse on, hoof and joint pain will be greatly reduced as well as give some relief to your horses’ bones, tendons and ligaments. Joint supplements will no longer be needed when riding on this cushioning surface!

Farrier Costs: Farrier costs will also lower by having an arena with a consistent surface. By not working you horse on abrasive material or an unstable ground, hoof injuries will be greatly reduced.

Although the price of the footing is higher than sand, the longevity and many benefits of having our dust-free footing make up for higher costs over time. If you’re interested in visiting a barn with our footing installed, just let us know! With over 350 installations across the US and Canada, there are many to choose from!