Download Superstall Horse Warranty (PDF)

Warranty Policy for IGK Equestrian Superstall Horse System

Five Year Limited Warranty on all products covering wear and tear caused by normal horse usage.

One year full warranty on Horse Foam & Top Cover begins from date of sale to end user. Installation must be in accordance with approved North Brook Farms installation procedures. The warranty claim must include proof of sale.

No labor warranty.

Installations must use approved IGK Equestrian components and product with the proper installation in order to qualify for replacement.

IGK Equestrian is not responsible for any components or attachment hardware not purchased from IGK Equestrian.

All materials purchased from IGK Equestrian will be prorated for the warranty for the remainder of four years.

IGK Equestrian reserves the right to repair or replace the warranted products.

Replacement is limited to like-kind topcover and foam mat.

IGK Equestrian is not responsible for consequential damages.

Inner foam damage caused by failure to repair damaged topcover, in a timely manner, is not the responsibility of IGK Equestrian. Repair is at end user’s expense.

Prior approval from IGK Equestrian on all warranties is required. Warranty is void if any work is performed prior to approval.

Topcover purchased from IGK Equestrian must be installed over foam mat purchased from IGK Equestrian in order to qualify for the warranty. IGK Equestrian foam mat must be installed under IGK Equestrian topcover purchased from IGK Equestrian in order to qualify for the warranty.

Full warranty information (IGK Equestrian Warranty Claim Form) must be submitted including all original invoices: Dealer—Customer invoice; fabric sample, pictures of damaged areas or other reasonable information that IGK Equestrian may deem necessary.

The warranty is between IGK Equestrian and the original end user only.

IGK Equestrian reserves the right to confirm, investigate, and inspect all warranty claims.

Warranty freight costs are the responsibility of the end user and are not warranted.


All warranty information should be forwarded to:

IGK Equestrian
c/o North Brook Farms, Inc.
P.O. Box 1239
Weedsport, NY 13166
Toll Free 1-877-624-2638