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October 13, 2017

Adding Fibers to Arena Footing

I have many customers who call and want to change their footing up but don’t want to purchase a whole new footing. These customers call and want to talk about footing additives. A few options for footing additives are fibers, rubber, or wood. Today we are going to talk about adding fibers to your arena. […]

September 14, 2017

Creating an Emergency Plan

Seeing the damage from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey breaks my heart. To see so many people with damaged homes and properties with no where to go is heartbreaking. On top of their homes and possessions damaged, they have to take care of their pets on top of that. After seeing this devastation, I think […]

August 25, 2017

Footing Depth

Footing depth is always a tricky question. The depth of the footing really depends on what you plan on doing in your horse arena. I’ve had customers call saying they want 5 inches of footing in their arena. That’s a big no no. You don’t want to have your arena footing so deep that your […]

August 17, 2017

Choose a Footing that Won’t Freeze

Finding a footing that can handle a wide range of temperatures is hard. The most common question recently is “does your footing freeze in the winter?” The quick answer to that is no, it doesn’t freeze in the winter! Being located in Upstate NY in the Finger Lakes Region, we had to create a product […]

July 25, 2017

Finding a Contractor

Contractors are the manpower behind building arenas. They are the ones that can make or break an arena installation. Finding a contractor is a cruicial part to your horse ring installation. Here are a few tips when searching for a contractor to install your base and footing for your arena. Do lots of research. Who […]