Frequently Asked Questions- SuperStall™

Frequently Asked Questions- SuperStall™


Q: What happens to the urine and manure in the stall?

The manure and urine stays on top of the SuperStall™ cover. SuperStall™ mattress system is a very durable top cover that does not allow any liquid to seep through to the mattress. You can use less bedding in your stall, therefore saving on time and money. We recommend you only use enough bedding to soak up the urine, and to muck out your stall daily.

Q: Will the urine erode the top-cover?

NEVER! We have a very durable topcover that will not erode from anything sitting on top of the cover.

Q: What does a typical 12 x 12 stall cost?

Please give us a call to see how much your custom stall size will cost!

Q: What is the warranty for the SuperStall™ system?

The SuperStall™ system has a Five Year Limited Warranty on all products covering wear and tear caused by normal horse usage. We have a downloadable PDF of our full warranty details: SuperStallWarranty

Q: How long will the SuperStall™ system last?

We originally started selling SuperStall™ systems in 2005, and those exact stalls are still going strong!

Q: What sort of cleaning products can I use on the SuperStall™ system?

Almost any cleaning products can be used on the SuperStall™ system. We have gotten feedback that customers love to use power-washers inside the stall to deeply clean it, then follow with a mild bleach to de-sanitize the stall.