Extend the Life of Your Arena

Everyone wants their arena to last longer. They want to spend money up front, and not have to spend money again on the arena for years to come. Although it sounds nice, this is not realistic. But there are ways to extend the life of your arena to get the most out of it for as long as you can.

Grooming your footing: Routinely grooming your footing can significantly extend the life of your arena. Almost all horse show organizations now have rules to groom between so many riders. Grooming every 4-7 riders, breaks up the footing and can considerable reduce the injuries to a horse in an arena. If there are clumps, or deep and shallow spots in the arena, it can cause injury to the horse for the inconsistency in the footing. Dragging prevents ruts against the wall and the surface compacting in the corner. Continuing to regulate your grooming is a great way to keep your footing looking great, and performing great!

Picking up organic material: I have been to barns where horses are constantly turned out both in indoor arenas and outdoor arenas. Although this space is nice to let a horse run around, horses shouldn’t be kept in this space for long periods of time by themselves. Manure and urine lead to a decline in your footing. Once manure gets into your footing and breaks down, this creates organic material in your footing, which then creates airborne dust. Manure should be picked up before it can be worked into the footing, and horses should not be left in an arena for long periods of time. In addition to manure in the footing, horses should never be fed hay in the arenas. Hay also can easily get broken down in the footing, which again creates dust.

Premium footing is an investment for all equestrian facilities and regular arena grooming, and following simple rules of picking up your horses and not turning them out in your arenas can significantly lengthen the life of both your arena footing and the base.

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