Equine Affaire


November 12-15th was the Annual Equine Affaire Trade Show located in Springfield, MA. Our booth was located in the Better Living Center. Every year we go to this show and have an absolute blast! We had countless former customers stopping by to say hello to us and catch up on how everything at their barn was going and how much they loved their footing and mattresses.


Our new footing boxes!

Our new footing boxes!

It truly was fun seeing people feel our four different types of dust free footing in our new booth footing boxes. Our footing boxes are see through boxes where we built a mini replica of how a base of an arena should look. You can see the 2-3 inch layer of aggregate stone, a piece of geotextile fabric, 2-3 inches of compacted crushed stone and three inches of footing on top. We also included a retaining board! We found out how much everyone absolutely loved these boxes and feeling the difference in each of our footings. It truly was a blast and we can’t wait until the next tradeshow!










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