Equi-Blend™ Horse Arena Footing

Equi-Blend™ Dust-Free Horse Arena Footing is the newest in our line of dust-free arena footing. Bringing dust-free to all of our customers at the most affordable price.

Equi-Blend™ is a dust-free footing composed of pure silica sand, a choice blend of synthetic fibers, and a specialized wax coating. Our recipe for footing achieves a stable footing that supports both the horse and the rider. The fiber and wax combine to reduce the amount of tracking by creating a web-like lattice that is both cushioned and resilient. Equi-Blend™ is not as stable as LiteStride™ or TruStride™, and will require more grooming and more maintenance to keep conditions of your arena up to par.  Although you will be maintaining Equi-Blend™ more so than our other footings, you will notice a significant improvement over any traditional arena footing for traction and reduced grooming. Customers are amazed to see how responsive and supportive Equi-Blend™ is without breaking the bank, and staying dust-free!

Our dust-free product line requires no watering, ever! The wax componentencapsulates each particle in the footing, creating a dust-free environment that is also low maintenance. Moreover, our footing is hydrophobic, meaning the majority of rain and other liquids sheet off the surface or wick immediately through the footing making Equi-Blend™ ready for riding and training immediately after rain events. A dust-free environment is the healthiest environment for both the horse and rider, producing better conditions for riding and training. In short, our blended Equi-Blend™ arena footing offers you more riding time, better riding conditions, and extended season for training.

Equi-Blend™, like our other footings, can be used both in indoor and outdoor arenas. The depth that we usually recommend for riding disciplines such as Western/Please and Dressage is 3 to 3.5 inches, for jumping,  4 inches. For riders performing higher jumps or managing a busy barn, we would encourage you to consider the TruStride™ material as it will pay off in added stability and performance as well as lower maintenance costs.

If you would like to see exactly how our footing is installed, visit our YouTube page for our Installation Video.