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Creating an Emergency Plan

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Seeing the damage from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey breaks my heart. To see so many people with damaged homes and properties with no where to go is heartbreaking. On top of their homes and possessions damaged, they have to take care of their pets on top of that. After seeing this devastation, I think […]

Introducing Children to Horses

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

I have a big family. I’ve met families much, much bigger than mine; but with more than 50 close relatives that I see very often, I would consider my family large. With a big family, comes lots of kids. And when you are the only one in the family with a horse, all of these […]

Extend the Life of Your Arena

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Everyone wants their arena to last longer. They want to spend money up front, and not have to spend money again on the arena for years to come. Although it sounds nice, this is not realistic. But there are ways to extend the life of your arena to get the most out of it for […]

Get Your Outdoor Arena Ready for Spring

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

It’s a gorgeous day here in Upstate NY as it seems like Spring is finally hitting us! Do you know what spring time means? More horse riding time outside! Now is the time to get your outdoor arena ready for spring and summer riding! Let’s take a walk to your outdoor arena and assess any […]

How Often Should You Drag Your Arena?

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

As I’ve mentioned before, I get arena questions all day long. “What should my footing depth be?”, “What is the best footing for me?”, or “What’s the difference between the TruStride and LiteStride Footing?”. The most common question I’ve been getting lately is “How often should I groom my arena?” Grooming an arena is a […]