Arena Footing

IGK currently offers four distinct horse arena footing products for our customers to choose from.

TruStride™ Horse Arena Footing

TruStride™ has been the premier dust-free arena footing since 2003 and continues to offer horses and riders alike one of the best arena surfaces in the world for competing and training. TruStride™ is not only being used as arena footing in both indoor riding arenas and outdoor riding arenas, but it is also used on thoroughbred training tracks and gallops in Kentucky and Canada to train the next generation of racing champions on all-weather synthetic surfaces.

LiteStride™ Horse Arena Footing

LiteStride™  has been the more economical version of dust-free footing since 2003, and continues to offer horses and riders one of the best arena surfaces in the world for competing and training. LiteStride™  is being used for a wide variety of disciplines including Dressage and flat work, low-level Hunter/Jumper, therapeutic riding, and small training and clinic barns. This footing offers up-and-coming riders a chance to experience the benefits of a dust-free arena as well as excellent traction and stability, yet is ideal for budget-conscious barns. LiteStride™ can be used both in indoor arenas and outdoor arenas!

Equi-Blend™ Horse Arena Footing

Equi-Blend™ is the newest in our line of dust-free arena footing. Bringing dust-free to all of our customers at the most affordable price.

5K Ranch™ Horse Arena Footing

5K Ranch™ is our newest dust-free horse arena footing that answers the numerous requests from our Western/Pleasure and Reining customers looking for a looser arena footing that is also dust-free. Moreover, 5K Ranch™ is our most economical dust-free horse arena footing available. This footing is perfect for flat work, roping, reining, and cutting – any discipline that is looking for a slightly looser footing for recreational and training barns.