5K Ranch™ Horse Arena Footing

5K Ranch™ Horse Arena Footing

Dust-free footing at the best price. Ideal for Western disciplines, especially Reiners.

5K Ranch™ is our newest dust-free horse arena footing that answers the numerous requests from our Western/Pleasure and Reining customers looking for a looser arena footing that is also dust-free. Moreover, 5K Ranch™ is our most economical dust-free horse arena footing available. This footing is perfect for flat work, loping, cutting, and barrel riding – any discipline that is looking for a slightly looser footing for recreational and training barns.

5K Ranch™ horse arena footing is a combination of specialty silica sand and wax. Much like our other dust-free arena footings that use the same sand and wax, you will never have to water this footing, ever. Our 5K Ranch™ specialty sand has been used for the past 11 years in all our dust-free footings so you can feel confident that you are getting a great dust-free footing for a great price! Maintenance on the 5K Ranch™ arena footing will be much like other sand arenas, minus the watering. Regular grooming will be required, depending on use, to level out the footing as it is meant to allow for sliding and spinning. 5K Ranch™ is for both indoor and outdoor arenas and will create a solid all-weather surface for horse and rider. Depth requirements will vary with the riding discipline, but typically we recommend a looser top layer that is easy to move through without being sticky. Contact us for details on 5K Ranch™ arena footing for your barn.


If you would like to see exactly how our footing is installed, visit our YouTube page for our Installation Video.


Recreation and Training

  • 5K Ranch™ arena footing is a forgiving surface material engineered to have appropriate frictional characteristics for traction and slide. It does not compact and requires only normal grooming while also minimizing the chance of injury. The sand and wax combine to create a stable and responsive surface for a wide variety of riding disciplines. Cutting and reining, loping and barrels, 5K Ranch™ can accommodate them all, making it our most versatile footing.
  • Less injuries and chance of breakdown due to 5K Ranch™’s uniform and stable surface keeps training sessions consistent and cuts down on expensive rehabilitation bills.
  • When a horse trains on 5K Ranch™ arena footing or any of IGK’s footings, they build up a lot of confidence, which leads to better, more effective training and riding sessions. The consistent surface responds to the horse during difficult movements allowing them to feel confident in taking that step or making that turn.


  • One of the biggest advantages of 5K Ranch™ arena footing is that fact that is doesn’t need to be watered, ever. The arena footing is completely coated in a wax product that keeps the specialty sand in place. Eliminating water use saves money, and especially saves time that can now be invested in riding and training. If you have a busy commercial facility, no watering means a lot more time for riders to train, and major savings in labor cost.
  • Grooming of 5K Ranch™ is much like grooming a sand arena depending on your riding discipline and how often the arena is getting used. No special groomer is needed and less grooming is usually better!

All Weather Design

  • 5K Ranch™ is virtually weatherproof and can be used in indoor arenas and in outdoor arenas. The wax coating makes the footing essentially waterproof, causing water to run off the arena or quickly wick out of the footing to the base leaving the footing ready for riding. Customers have ridden on our dust-free footings the morning after hurricane winds and rain lashed Rhode Island for 24 hours, dumping over 6 inches of rain. Customers are sweeping off March snow and getting in an early spring training session in the Hudson Valley. The footing is, truly weatherproof!

Before any maintenance is done, make sure your arena’s footing is at an equal depth across the arena. One quick way to check depth is to take a small potting trowel or ruler, and mark it from 1″ to 4″ and walk around your arena, randomly checking the depth in different places. Note low and high areas, and groom the footing from high to low.

PARMA Arena Groomers

We have had many customers use the PARMA groomer or just a pasture drag with the tines up. The PARMA will need the coil tine conversion kit in order to replace the more aggressive spring tines that is normally equipped. Once these are adjusted, your arena base should be well protected. With the new types of footing, the harrows work on only the top inch to two inches of footing. You should avoid an aggressive harrow.


If you decide to use a harrow in your arena, be sure to harrow in different directions each time you groom. Also alternate harrowing diagonally to prevent shifting the footing to the outside rail.

  • Take care not to harrow the same way, as that will gradually move even the most sturdy, stable footing.
  • When you harrow the footing, make sure you are not digging too deep and touching the base.


You MUST pick up any manure in your arena. If manure is left in the footing it can break down and not only release airborne bacteria but can also break down and cause dust in your arena.


Lunging is the worst thing for any footing, and TruStride™/LiteStride™/5K Ranch™ are no exception. The horses will tend to move the footing so much because of the repetitive exercise, the base will be exposed and compromise the base and the footing. When lunging on IGK Equestrian footing, we suggest to continually move around the arena as you lunge so that you do not wear down into the base. If at all possible, lunge in another arena or round pen. This is a serious rule to enforce in order to preserve your footing.



For a great all-around guide on how to build your arena from start to finish, check out Ultimatearenaguide.com!

Q: How often should I groom my arena?

How often you groom depends on what type of footing you purchased from IGK Equestrian. We recommend that TruStride™  and LiteStride™  be groomed once or twice a month, while 5K Ranch™  should be groomed based on use, but around once a week.

Q: Why types of equipment do I need to maintain my arena?

IGK Equestrian is a dealer of PARMA Coil Tine Groomers. These groomers are small, less aggressive and cost a lot less than traditional grooming drags. If you already have a groomer and would like to know if it would work well with our surfaces please feel free to give us a call!

Q: Do I need to water my arena?

NEVER! The special footing mixture is coated with a wax component that will eliminate dust and the time and labor spent on trying to keep dust at bay.

Q: How do I keep my horse arena dust-free?

All of IGK’s arena footings are naturally dust free. You will not have to water the surface or do any special maintenance to ensure that it stays dust free. The only way to make sure that your arena stays dust free is to NEVER mix any other footing in with your IGK Equestrian footing. It will disrupt the natural mixture and will create dust.

Q: How deep do I need to groom my arena?

The footing can be groomed at different depths based on what type of discipline is being performed in the arena. We do not recommend that you go any deeper than an inch into the footing when it comes to grooming. If you would like specifics on our recommendations to grooming depth based on discipline, please feel free to contact us.

Q: How long should my dust-free surface last?

IGK Equestrian prides itself on the fact that we haven’t had a single customer ever have to replace their footing. Our Footing is a very stable product. The components will last for many years with proper maintenance. After years of heavy use it may need to be replenished with the key components. It does not breakdown or become toxic in any way.

Q: What type of base should my dust free surface have?

The base of the footing is the most important part. We cannot put our footing over your old footing. The best base that works with our footing is a very fine limestone at least 2-3 inches deep.

Q: Can I put your arena footing over my old material?

Unfortunately no, your old footing will have to be removed leaving only the laser levelled stone dust base. We cannot put our footing over old footing because it will mix and contaminate the formulated blend of materials that keeps your horse arena dust free.

Q: Can I put the footing outside?

Of course! TruStride™ and LiteStride™ are the best option for your outdoor arena. Our customers have had heavy rains of over an inch of rain and could immediately ride after the storm. 80% of the water sheds off of the surface. TruStride™ and LiteStride™ are truly all weather arena surfaces.

Q: Does the footing freeze in cold temperatures?

IGK Equestrian footing does not need to be watered and as long as your outdoor arena does not have any water standing on it and has proper drainage, it will not freeze. Proper drainage and base construction keep paired with IGK Equestrian arena surfaces keeps your riding longer and colder!

Q: What is the difference between TruStride™ and LiteStride™?

TruStride™ is our premium footing. It is mixture of pure silica sand, and a combination of synthetic fibers, shoe sole rubber granules and a specialized wax that creates the perfect grip for disciplines such as jumping, Western/Pleasure and Dressage. LiteStride™ is similar to TruStride™ in that it is made up of pure silica sand, a blend of synthetic fibers and a lower percentage of the specialized wax coating to keep it dust free. We normally recommend LiteStride™ for disciplines such as lower jumping, Western/Pleasure and Dressage.

Q: What is the best footing for reigning?

As you know, reining is a western riding discipline where the horses have to do patterns of circles, spins and stops. The footing for this discipline needs to be able to move with the horse and not have too much traction. For this reason we recommend our 5K Ranch™ footing. 5K Ranch™ is a combination of pure silica sand and wax. The wax helps to keep the arena dust free, yet gives you the loose top layer that you need to compete or train for reigning or barrel racing.

Q: What is the best footing for commercial facilities?

Commercial facilities have a lot of riders training in all types of disciplines. For this reason we recommend that commercial facilities install our premium TruStride™ footing to be able to accommodate such diverse training and the number of horses on the footing daily.

Q: Why choose IGK Equestrian?

IGK Equestrian LLC benefits from the 25 years of experience of its parent company, North Brook Farms, Inc., that has been marketing and manufacturing cow and equine comfort products since 1989. We started selling horse footing in 2004 and now have hundreds of happy customers all over the country. Check out our global customer map! We love to take trips out to visit our customers and see how much they enjoy their dust free footing.

Q: Are there any health risks associated with synthetic footing?

Not at all! Customers also worry that horses will try to ingest the footing but we have never had any horses try to eat it. If they were to ingest it for some reason there would be no health risks, everything is inert and there is nothing in it that will harm the horse.

Q: Should horses be turned out on the footing?

We do not recommend that horses be turned out in the footing. Manure and urine needs to be removed immediately after training or riding. Manure is a fragile compound that can release particles into the air and therefore create dust in your arena.

Q: Do I need a drainage system?

Yes you do need a proper drainage system. Indoor and outdoor arenas should have the proper base with drainage and be assessed by a laser level. See our sub-base construction diagram here.

Q: Can it be rolled?

The footing should be rolled with a 5 ton roller during installation and then can be rolled at any desired time with a day to day small roller.

Q: Will the wax melt or need replenishing?

Our wax based synthetic footings are permanent dust free solution. The footing is not currently sold into arid climates where air temperatures reach consistently above 100 F. We would like to chat with you to see if your climate is the right climate for our horse footing to be located.

Q: How much depth do I need for my footing?

The depth of the footing depends on what disciplines you are doing on the footing. For training race horses we recommend 6 inches, for Grand Prix-style jumping we recommend 5 inches, for Western/Pleasure and Dressage we recommend 3.5-4 inches. See our depth chart by discipline here.

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This is a Limited Warranty. This Warranty is being offered by the Manufacturer of the Arena Footing being installed by the Owner for the Project, in accordance with the Contract Agreement between the Owner and the Manufacturer dated ______________. This Warranty shall become effective on the date the dust free Footing (Footing) has been delivered in full per “Contract,” to the Owner’s job site. This Warranty does not cover the consequences upon the Work of latent conditions in the structures or the site that exist at the time of the execution of this Agreement. All Warranty claims must be made to the Manufacturer in writing within the Warranty period.

The Manufacturer warrants to Owner that the Footing to be supplied under this Agreement shall be free from defects in materials for 30 days. Notification of defects must be made to the Manufacturer during this 30-day period. The Manufacturer warrants to Owner that the Footing to be supplied will remain dust-free, non-watering for a period of five (5) Years from the effective date of the Warranty period. During the Warranty period any defects in the dust-free footing material installed in the arena shall be remedied by repair or replacement. Manufacturer shall furnish all labor and materials required for such repair or replacement, all at Manufacturer’s expense. The means and methods used by Manufacturer in effecting such repair or replacement shall be at Manufacturer’s sole discretion.

Manufacturer shall not be responsible for any secondary or consequential damage caused by the defect(s). No steps taken by the Manufacturer to correct defects shall act to extend the Warranty period beyond the initial term of 30 days for materials and five (5) years for remaining dust-free with respect to defects appearing after these respective periods of time. Failure by the Owner to pay when due any outstanding balance to the Manufacturer shall be grounds for deferring Warranty work until such outstanding balance is paid in full. The Warranty period shall not be tolled by such delay.

The Manufacturer warrants optimum footing performance is experienced between ambient temperatures of 10 degrees and 90 degrees. Temperatures outside this range will result in altered performance characteristics. The manufacturer does not warrant optimum performance in these situations. Riding on the footing will be at the discretion and responsibility of the Owner.

Any Footing installed at less than Manufacturer’s recommended depth, will void all Warranties.

This Warranty expressly excludes deepness, hardness or other problems associated with improper maintenance, any damage occasioned by misuse such as free lunging, turnout, accident, or contamination from horse manure and/or the introduction of foreign materials of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to, materials used in the arena base or sub base. If it is determined that a Warranty claim and Manufacturer site visit was occasioned by any of the items expressly excluded above, the Owner, agrees to reimburse the Manufacturer for all expenses associated with the visit.

This Warranty is extended only to the Owner, and is not transferable except to an entity.

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