5K Ranch™ Horse Arena Footing

5K Ranch™ is our newest dust-free horse arena footing that answers the numerous requests from our Western/Pleasure and Reining customers looking for a looser arena footing that is also dust-free. 5K Ranch™ is our most economical dust-free horse arena footing available. This footing is perfect for flat work, roping, reining, and cutting – any discipline that is looking for a slightly looser footing for recreational and training barns.

5K Ranch™ horse arena footing is a combination of specialty silica sand and wax. Much like our other dust-free arena footings that use the same sand and wax, you will never have to water this footing, ever. Our 5K Ranch™ specialty sand has been used for the past 11 years in all our dust-free footings so you can feel confident that you are getting a great dust-free footing for a great price! Maintenance on the arena footing is much like other sand arenas, minus the watering. Regular grooming is required, depending on use, to level out the footing as it is meant to allow for sliding and spinning. 5K Ranch™ is for both indoor and outdoor arenas and creates a solid all-weather surface for horse and rider. Depth requirements vary with the riding discipline, but typically we recommend a looser top layer that is easy to move through without being sticky. Contact us for details on 5K Ranch™ arena footing for your barn.


If you would like to see exactly how our footing is installed, visit our YouTube page for our Installation Video.